Carefully selected Kobe beef of the highest quality

Kobe beef is Tajima Wagyu cattle of pure lineage born in Hyogo Prefecture that have met the strictest standards of The Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association. Only Kobe beef that have met these standards can be branded with the brilliant purple chrysanthemum mark, as proof of genuine Kobe beef. What is one of the big reasons why Ishida has come to be loved and trusted by so many people? Because Ishida has the highest standards and obtains only authentic Kobe beef. Relax in extravagance and savor each bite of sumptuous Kobe beef at Ishida.

An exquisite atmosphere and the finest hospitality

There are two different Ishida steak restaurants in Kobe. All two locations consistently provide the same finest-quality Kobe beef and style of cooking, where expert chefs grill the meat to perfection right before guests. After confirming availability for seating for one of two locations (Ikuta-Shinmichi and Honten), a location will be selected for the guest based on availability. Please note that although the locations are different, that does not mean the quality of the food or the atmosphere will be different. Please be rest assured that you can enjoy the finest Kobe beef, atmosphere and service at any one of Ishida’s locations.